How to Share a Norton 360 Membership

Are you trying to find a trustworthy and reasonably priced way to keep identity thieves, hackers, and viruses out of your online activities? If so, you may be familiar with Norton 360, which is among the most widely used options for privacy and online security.

Norton 360 is a feature-rich software that provides several levels of security for your data, devices, and online privacy. Parental control, cloud backup, VPN, antivirus, password manager, and more functions are included.

However, did you know that you may save money and still get the same benefits by sharing your Norton 360 subscription with others? Yes, you may split the cost of your Norton 360 subscription with friends, family, or coworkers because you can share it with up to ten devices. In this manner, you can make sure that everyone in your group is safe online and get the most for your money.

We'll walk you through the simple process of sharing your Norton 360 subscription with others in this blog article. We will also provide you with some advice on the best platforms to share your membership on and the best practices to adhere to in order to stay clear of any problems or disputes
. You will be able to fully profit from Norton 360 without going over budget at the end of this post.

What Advantages Do Norton 360 Subscription Plans Offer?

You can secure your online privacy and security with numerous layers of protection from Norton 360, a subscription-based service. You may benefit from VPN, cloud backup, dark web monitoring, antivirus protection, and more with Norton 360. These features assist you in protecting your identity, data, and devices from phishing, ransomware, malware, and other online threats.

Covered with Norton 360

Norton 360 is a complete package that can handle all of your internet requirements. It has the following characteristics:

  • Antivirus: Norton 360 detects and eliminates malware automatically. It also filters dubious websites, downloads, and emails.
  • VPN: Norton 360 provides IP hiding, geoblocked content access, encrypted online browsing, and ISP throttling protection.
  • Cloud Backup: Norton 360 offers secure cloud storage ranging from 10 to 200 GB to protect files from data loss.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Notifies you in the event that your personal information is found on the dark web and offers tips for protecting it.
  • Password Manager: Norton 360's safe vault generates strong passwords, keeps track of them, and automatically fills in your login information.
  • Parental Control: Use content filters, screen time limits, and location monitoring to keep an eye on your kids' digital activities.

How to Distribute a Norton 360 Membership

You get the special advantage of expanding your protection coverage to additional PCs, Macs, or mobile devices without paying additional fees with your Norton Deluxe, Advanced, or Premium membership. Moreover, the all-inclusive nature of the membership lets you assign any unused protection slots to loved ones or anybody else you want to keep safe, boosting their online security in addition to your own.

An invitation-based approach can be used to share a Norton 360 subscription without of requiring the exchange of login information.  

By email from the website:

  1. Open your Norton 360 account and log in.
  2. Click "Send a download link" after visiting the "Get Started" page.
  3. Send the invitation by entering the recipient's email address.

From app by email:

  1. Launch the Norton 360 software.
  2. Select "Open" when "Device Security" is shown.
  3. "Protect another device" should be clicked.
  4. Send the invitation after entering the recipient's email address.
    through SMS
  5. Open your Norton 360 account and log in.
  6. Enter the recipient's mobile number by clicking "Text" and sharing with them.
  7. Norton will then provide the download link via text message.

In Summary

It makes financial sense to share your Norton 360 subscription and still have access to all of the benefits as an individual customer. Why not give Norton 360 a try if you would like to share it with others? Contact Komdigit for more information on Norton 360!