Google My Business Listing – Have Your Business Added to Google by KomDigit, a Google My Business Partner

If you want to get your listing on Google Search and Google Maps, but don’t have the time to do it, KomDigit will do it for you! We will create your business on Google My Business, so your current and potential customers can find information about your business easily, every time they search for you or similar businesses.

The only condition you must meet in order to qualify for a Google My Business listing is that you need to personally interact with your customers during the business hours you stated.

Why should I  claim my Google My Business listing?

Since 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information, not listing your business on Google would be a huge missed opportunity to reach local customers. It would also decrease the chances of being displayed appropriately as a business operating across multiple locations.

Keeping your store address, business hours, product availability, and directions, up to date will help users find your business, but also give Google the correct information about your company to display. You don’t want to have outdated information presented to your prospects, as it might hurt the image of your company online.

How does Google decide which business to show?

Google uses 3 factors to determine local rankings:

  1. Relevance: Google’s algorithm matches a search query with a local listing. This is why it’s important that your listing is as detailed as possible.
  2. Distance: Calculated based on how close a business is to the location of a user searching for a specific term/place, which is determined by Google unless a user doesn’t specify their location.
  3. Prominence: This one depends on how famous or popular a business is – on Google, at least, as Google uses the data it can find about a business online, including reviews, links, articles, and other mentions.

What information can I include?

Google allows you to add your business name, category and description, address, hours, phone, website, attributes, photos, and videos. Attributes are specific characteristics, such as Wi-Fi availability, product offerings, outdoor sitting, dogs allowed, etc. They are relevant to each business.

Are there any other features?

Yes! Google My Business lets you interact with your customers by publishing posts (offers, events, notifications, promotions…), so people could learn about them the moment they see your Google My Business listing. You can also receive and reply to reviews directly, and you can also invite customers and prospects to chat with you!

On top of that, Insights are incredibly useful for you to find out how people engage with your business. Find out how people find you, and which actions they take. Do they visit your website, call your business, ask for directions or view photos? You can then use these data to learn about your existing and potential customers!

I’m interested, but don’t have the time. What should I do?

Contact us, and we’ll help!