KomDigit Agency

KomDigit Agency is a digital marketing agency. We offer Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords and Bing), Search Engine Optimization and Content Editing, and Google My Business Management services.

We started the company a few years ago, with a desire to help other businesses improve their online visibility, reputation, and performance. Our CEO, DuĊĦan, spent years working for clients internationally, while occupying a full-time position at a bank in his home country. Having acquired significant experience in the field of online marketing, he decided it was time to put all of the skills to use on his own terms.

KomDigit today works for various clients from different industries, including health and wellness, media and telecommunications, automotive, finances, consumer technologies, and retail.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to deliver outstanding service and help our clients achieve their business goals. We do so by creating and managing their online marketing campaigns, and providing support and guidance across various communication channels, including social media and website.

We want to help business grow by defining successful online marketing campaigns for them: the ones that suit their brand tone and voice. We carefully analyse their current online exposure, and offer suggestions to drive improvements.

We conduct marketplace and audience insight analysis, research trends, and use collected data to provide consulting solutions, optimization advice, as well as marketing suggestions and plans.

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