Should I Outsource My Digital Marketing?

Marketing partnershipIf you’re considering new digital marketing strategies to grow your business and stay ahead of your competitors, digital marketing can be a great way to achieve this, as it offers a plethora of opportunities to help you achieve your business goals.

The entire process of designing an effective digital marketing plan can seem quite daunting and tedious. It involves exhaustive digital marketing research, including your competitors, audiences, and keywords, which further implies quite a lot of data analysis, learning, and need for resources.

It’s at this point that you’re left wondering: should you manage an online marketing campaign in house or outsource it?

While the final decision comes down to whether or not you already have or want to build a team of digital marketing experts, in order to make a choice that would work best for you, let’s consider the benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing.

1. You can focus more on other essential activities

Hiring a digital marketing agency to help you set up, launch and manage a strong online marketing campaign can be an effective solution for your business, so you need not worry about the intricacies of digital marketing.

Since it’s the agency that takes care of everything, you can focus on the core of your business. This is a huge plus as you can work on other things of equal or greater importance for your company, whether it be research and development or employee engagement.

Besides, outsourcing your digital marketing efforts also means you won’t need to spend much time on analyzing and tracking results. Instead, you will – or should – receive reports and already sorted data, so you can make informed business decisions right away. This, in turns, helps you take a more proactive approach to customer management. You can work on improving your products and services, as well as customer relationships more rapidly and efficiently.

2. You only need one marketing budget

If you decide to do business with a digital marketing agency, you will only need to pay for their services. This means you won’t have to invest in training your staff or hiring new people.

Furthermore, if your digital marketing team is less experienced or totally unfamiliar with digital marketing practices, the possibility of additional costs is greater as the risk of inefficient strategy increases.

Your initial online marketing campaigns might be doomed to failure if not properly developed and managed, so you might lose money on unfruitful advertising as well. Add to that further analyses, fixes, tests, as well as more training, and you’d be using more resources than you would if you outsourced your digital marketing.

This is not to say that, if you hired a digital marketing agency, you wouldn’t need any extra money for marketing. If, for instance, the first results show that your customers or prospects suggest product or service improvements, you would definitely have to consider investing in those improvements. However, this would be a “favorable expense” as it would help your business progress in the long run.

You can also dedicate a separate budget for other marketing tactics, such as influencer marketing. Having them all organized independently would protect your from simultaneous disasters that could occur if all of your marketing campaigns were interconnected money-wise.

3. You will have access to innovative technologies

Good digital marketing agencies use advanced technologies in order to track and measure their clients’ marketing campaigns. They create reports including detailed information regarding the success of such campaigns, so the clients could identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Digital marketing agencies use a variety of digital marketing campaign tracking tools, so they would also keep an eye on their own work and performance, and eventually implement alternatives, if needed.

Since you’d be working with experts, you’d be able to take advantage of innovative and complex technologies, without having to invest resources in them directly, whether by developing in-house software or purchasing it from a third party, and then training your people on how to use it.

This is a great advantage as these technologies might be quite complex, especially for small and young businesses that might not be necessarily operating in an industry requiring strong IT skills.

4. You will work with experts

Digital marketing specialists are industry professionals, who know how to face different challenges, prevent but also manage risks (advertising is a risky journey in one way or another), and respond promptly to various unforeseen circumstances related to your digital marketing that you might not be familiar with at all.

All of this is to say that you won’t have to spend sleepless nights, but rest assured that there will always be a team of experienced people to guide and support you throughout your campaign. Whatever happens, you’ll be able to reach out to them, ask questions, and clarify whatever you feel needs clarifying.

If you come across an agency that does not provide great support, do yourself a favor, and find another one. Remember it’s your money you’re investing, so you don’t want to have idiots running your campaigns. Digital marketing serves to generate profits, not lose money deliberately.

5. You can consider other ways to grow your business

With a team of experts managing your online marketing, you can pay more attention to your offline exposure, and work internally to create a top offline marketing strategy.

You should know that both online and offline marketing demand quite a serious approach; however, offline marketing practices can be slightly more difficult to implement as it involves more than setting up a billboard somewhere around the city, hoping lots of people will see it. Just like in online marketing, every step of your offline campaign should be carefully planned and adequately executed.

Since you can be more relaxed when there’s a digital marketing agency managing your online campaigns, your offline marketing plan is more likely to yield great results as you’ll be able to devote more time to it.

Of course, online and offline marketing aren’t the only ways to grow a business. You can work on business networking or community engagement. Strong strategic partnerships, and employee community involvement are a great way to expand your reach, but also build trust and reputation. These are both important, long-term steps you should take whatsoever.

Bottom Line

Outsourcing your digital marketing can be quite beneficial if you want to be more efficient and avoid a job half done. With a bit help on the side, you can manage multiple projects at the same time, without losing focus.

A carefully selected digital marketing agency will provide you with the resources you need to further your marketing endeavors; one of the major advantages being you won’t be the one to go through complex data analysis processes. Instead, they will do the work for you, using innovative tools and metrics for accuracy and detailed reporting.

Additionally, buying digital marketing solutions externally gives you more room for additional growth plans, innovation, and improvements. You will simply have more in-house resources available.

However, if your business already has a team, but it’s somehow struggling, you might consider hiring a consultant instead. If you want to build a digital marketing team from scratch, then your number one task should be to familiarize yourself with the digital marketing industry first, so you know what to look for in your new employees, how to plan a strategy, which tools and software you need to purchase, and alike.

Finally, with everything put on paper, including a cost-benefit analysis, you should select an option that promises most for your business!

If you need to discuss this in more detail, let us know!

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